Dancing Bears: Junior-Senior Winter Ball 2012

Last Saturday, Thorne Dining Hall was transformed into a winter wonderland in honor of the annual Junior-Senior Winter Ball, presented by the Bowdoin Class Councils. Bowdoin juniors, seniors and their desired plus-one’s arrived decked out in their finery, ready to dance the night away.  As I was abroad last year, I was excited for my first and only glimpse of the swanky event.

Senior Class Representative Peggy Zhao knew it would be a time for some serious style spotting. “I feel like the older students like to attend events like the Junior-Senior Ball because it is a special occasion to dress up and see your peers dress up,” she said.

In case you were wondering, at right is the fabulous PZhao herself posing pre-dance.


Lookin’ good, Class Rep!

I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and bring a camera and notebook down for the first hour of the dance with the hopes of seeing some of these prophesied party outfits. Unfortunately, I had to put my camera away before a lot of students arrived, so if I didn’t nab you for a photo-op, my sincerest apologies. I saw lots of stunning looks – you know who you are – and regretted not being able to personally appreciate each one.

To all you ladies who spent hours belaboring which shoes to wear (leg-elongating nude pumps or bold platform wedges?) and you gentlemen who painstakingly investigated the saturation of your sports coats in order to match the perfect tie (is it navy blue or black?): this one’s for you.

First up: Chloe and Madeline ’16

Chloe and Madeline


Chloe and Madeline work for student activities and signed up to greet upperclassmen at the door. They coordinate in black-and-white with a variety of prints and patterns, while Madeline’s top hat adds the perfect pinch of panache.

Next, we have Sarah ’14


A dainty dress.

Sarah uses chunky wooden heels to toughen up her pretty blue dress. She keeps her accessories and make up minimal, with only a saturated lip to complement the cool tones in her dress.

Mae and Judah ’13

Mae and Judah

Never have I ever: seen a more effortlessly coordinated couple.

Understated yet full of personality, Mae and Judah embrace a look that is unmistakably theirs. Fun fact: a fellow senior showcased her own take on this versatile ivory dress at the same event, but thanks to each girl’s unique style choices, no one would ever guess. Points if you know who I’m talking about- my lips are sealed!

Sether and Brian ’13

Sether and Brian

Preppy or poppin’? Your call.

These two show the meaning of ‘Cac swag in subtle prints and strategic color choices. The trick to mixing patterns? Take a cue from Sether and stay in the same color family: a black and white tie and shirt in checkers are a good bet. For an easy nod to the holiday without looking like a Christmas tree, try Brian’s trick: pair olive khakis with a tomato-red printed tie and top with a shirt and jacket in light neutral tones.

Louisa, Molly and Lidey ’13

Louisa and Molly

Dressed to impress.

Molly, Lidey and Louisa

The trio is complete!

Struck by their expert use of color blocking and popping (see what I did there?), I snapped a shot of Louisa and Molly while they waited for their friend Lidey. All three prove that a simple, on-trend dress featuring peplum, sequins, or mesh paneling is all a gal needs to look like a million bucks.

Melody ’13



It’s common knowledge that Senior Class President Melody is one of the best-dressed ladies on campus. She doesn’t disappoint with her daring choice for the Ball: a bright patterned dress and simple nude heels show off a slammin’ set of legs. Gorgeous!

Lucy ’16, Nick ’14, Kendra ’16, Skye ’16 and Coby ’14

Plus One's

Two lucky junior guys host a gaggle of first-year girls.

It’s a blue Christmas for this exuberant group. The ladies rock various incarnations of cobalt, navy and black, while the gentlemen keep it classy with violet-hued ensembles to complement their leading ladies.

Sam (graduating fall 2012) and Charlotte ’13

Sam and Charlotte

Collared cuties.


Classic beauty.

Sam and Charlotte are proof that the right necklace makes an outfit. Sam’s ’50’s-inspired polkadot frock is just begging for a strand of pearls, whereas Charlotte’s top in of-the-moment burgundy needs something bold and gold to play up the deep hue. Sam also took a moment to show off her perfectly coordinated lip and shoe. The lady looks good in red, no?

Pierce ’13


Class act.

Pierce combines two trends in one by choosing a bow tie in a color that pops. Throw in a big grin, and he’s the date every mother hopes her daughter will take to the Ball.

Audrey, Cece and Ali ’16

Audrey, Cece and Ali

First-year friends find their way into the soiree.

I was fortunate enough that my hot tamale of a sister agreed to be my date for the Ball. Her dress, one of my thrift shop finds from London, made its debut stateside just in time for the Ball. Meanwhile, Cece’s lovely friends Audrey and Ali show off short silver dresses in silky, shimmery materials perfect for a winter dance.

Andres and Sarah ’13

Andres and Sarah

Green and Red

I loved how this couple embraced traditional holiday colors in stylish pieces: a forest green popover and a deep red lace dress.

RaiNesha and Rodolfo ’13

RaiNesha and Rodolfo


RaiNesha looks ready to party in a cream lace dress, pashmina, and gold bangles. What I appreciate most about RaiNesha’s outfit is the attention to colorful details: sea foam green nails and a hot pink lip, for example. Rodolfo looks as suave as ever in a royal blue button down and skinny teal tie.

Symone ’15, Golden ’15, Terence ’14 and Ana ’14

Workin' it

Four friends pose for pic before entering the party.

This quartet looks dynamite as they prepare to party. All three dresses complement the girls’ lovely figures and feature the rich, metallic hues I’ve been seeing all night. Terrance knows a simple black-and-silver combo is spot on for sharing the limelight with his female counterparts.

Last but not least: George and Robbie ’13

George and Robbie

Lookin’ good.

These two gentlemen are certainly in the giving mood. The always-handsome George goes commando on the tie, opting to show a little skin, while Robbie cheekily adds a Christmas bow to his belt loop.

That’s a wrap! Thanks for tuning into this special edition of MargotFay. See ya’ll on the other side of finals. Stay stylish!

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