Aba is looking sharp in a gray and pink suit.

Pi Pin


Fast Stats
Name: Aba Mbirika
Title: Postdoctoral Fellow and Instructor of Mathematics

At the fancy-shmancy dinner in Daggett Lounge during Senior Week

The Look Quantitative Quirk
Aba is a famous professor on campus and a beloved Brunswick resident. Though he is known among his students for making math fun and developing strong student-teacher relationships, non-math majors (such as myself) know Aba for his friendly smile and out-of-this-world style. As the occasion required formal attire, Aba spiced up his conservative gray suit with hot pink accents, from his shirt to his tie to his shiny saddle oxfords. Math-inspired accessories, such as a Pi pin and star-shaped necklace, completed Aba’s unique outfit.

Unfortunately, I was unable to interview Aba for this post. Perhaps the next Bowdoin style blogger will have the honor?

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